Thursday, January 03, 2008

SC Supreme Court to Hear Greenville Smoking Ban

From the Greenville News:

Greenville's attempt to ban smoking in public places will be back on the front burner when it takes its case to the state Supreme Court on Jan. 9, according to City Manager Jim Bourey.
The city's attorney will present an oral argument at 10:30 a.m. that the city should be smoke free in most public places, officials said.

The city's ordinance to ban smoking was overturned in March of 2006 by a circuit court judge. Judge John Few ruled that the ban was unenforceable, saying it violates the state Constitution by violating a "home rule" provision. He said a city cannot prohibit conduct that isn't unlawful under state laws governing the same subject.

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Anonymous said...

I wish with all my heart that the Supreme Court will allow the smoking bans and that it will become a ban for the entire state.I am unable to go many places where smoking is allowed because of my allergies to smoke. Smoking has either, directly or indirectly, taken four of my close family members, my beloved sister just last week. I believe that when a smoker states that they are not harming anybody but themselves, they err. It is a well proven fact that second hand smoke kills. Why should I have to give up everythink I love to do because of the inconsiderate actions of smokers?