Monday, April 09, 2007

Supporters rally to Pittman, the so-called 'Zoloft killer'

This from shows that Christopher Pittman and his zoloft defense is still a hot topic. The case is currently on appeal at the state supreme court.


Clare O'Keefe said...

We cannot afford to throw young lives away.
There are many children who have been able to rebound from unbearable circumstances to grow into successful caring adults. Please lets not give
up on Christopher Pittman, because he is one of them that deserves a
chance to succeed in life.
When we break the law there is a price that has to be paid, but there
has to be room for rehabilitation and redemption for a child who had no
true understanding of his actions.
Christopher was a 12 year old child when all this happened.
He has been locked up for over six years and he has turned his life around.
He has grown up and given a chance, he will become a productive contributing member of society.

Steve S. said...

All of us who love and support Chris must not get discouraged we must hold fast to our belief in his innocence and that he deserves his freedom.