Friday, April 25, 2008

From the Judge-said-what files..........

Only South Carolina's Judge Ralph King Anderson, when deciding the scope of the discovery of peer review material, could have written this:

"The cognoscenti of health care nomology trust and rely upon Peer Review Statutes as the quiddity and hypostasis of the hospital/physician relationship. The quintessence and elixir of the peer review process is confidentiality."

Say what?? Please put down the thesaurus and step away from the opinion, Judge.

Now wouldn't this sentence work much better:

"Peer Review Statutes recognize that the promise of confidentiality is key to a hospital's peer review process. "

Anyone got any better suggestions?

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rbnn said...

The sentence seems fine to me, and your paraphrase does not capture its sense.

Your paraphrase differs in two main ways from the original. First, the sentence in the opinion emphasizes that it is the commentators on and interpreters of the Peer Review Statute who have concurred in the judge's opinion (which the original goes on to discuss). Second, the sentence in the opinion emphasizes that confidentiality is more than "key" to the statutes, as your phrasing had it. Instead, its essential, crucial, part of the very essence.

I personally have never understood this infatuation with rewriting everything blandly and without due attention to nuance.

The opinion itself is extremely well-written by the way - clear and scholarly, without those dreaded big words.