Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Judge Michael Luttig rumored to have resigned from the Fourth Circuit

According to my sources, Fourth Circuit Judge Michael Luttig has delivered a letter to President Bush announcing his resignation from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. The Texas native has been a judge on the Fourth Circuit since being appointed by the first President Bush in 1991. He worked briefly as an assistant counsel in the administration of President Reagan and clerked for Chief Justice Warren Burger and for Antonin Scalia.

UPDATE: Yes, it is true. In a press release issued just minutes ago, Luttig is headed for Boeing. As senior vice president and general counsel, he will report directly to Boeing's Chairman. He will also be a member of the company's Executive Council. (Hat tip to Howard Bashman for the press release).

My guess is that after having been passed on for SCOTUS by Dubya, the lure of dollars was too great forLuttig. Most of his employment experience has been in public service. It must be difficult for a judge to watch his clerks leave and immediately make more $$ than he does. In my opinion, the bench is much poorer without him. He was one of the greatest intellects on the federal bench and should have been elevated to SCOTUS.

UPDATE II: Here is a link to the letter of resignation. (Thanks, Howard).

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