Thursday, July 21, 2005

Controversy surrounds NAACP Bikefest settlement

The NAACP settled a lawsuit in April with J. Edward Fleming, who owns J. Edward's restaurant in Myrtle Beach, when he agreed to pay an undisclosed amount and to keep his restaurant open during Bikefest. Fleming had closed his restaurants during previous Bikefests. The settlement was confidential per the order of U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Rogers.

Lawyers for Myrtle Beach argued that the documents could reveal financial motives behind other lawsuits against the city and various Grand Strand businesses. The documents could "provide proof that 'profit' is an alternative basis for plaintiff's lawsuits, not merely to 'right' a civil injustice," the city's motion to view settlement documents said.

The court has granted Myrtle Beach's motion and lawyers for the city will view the settlement documents some time in the coming days.

The Charlotte Observer has this article on the lawsuit.

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